Monday, April 23, 2012

Figure Drawings and Location Studies

After some three weeks of being in a rut, I finally managed to make some breakthroughs with my figure drawing. I also discovered that I have a love for perspective. So anyhow...

Top left, top center, and bottom right are from photos via the Pixelovely figure drawing tool, whereas the other two are were done in my figure drawing class. Yay, Sheldon Borenstein!

This is a location study of some of the temporary stairs that construction workers need to access the Student Union construction site. It was too late for me to really work on tone, but I'm really happy with the structure of this one.

These are some tonal perspective studies. Nothing really amazing, but I think I'm starting to get tonal drawing. Thing about markers: they're pretty fun, but...sort of confusing. I think I'm going to do the next few in ballpoint pen crosshatching.

 This one isn't exactly either location or figure studies. Actually, I was debating on whether I should show this one, but...ah, to hell with it. Here's my specimen project. Getting the crit for this felt like taking a rocket to the face (since John Clapp was immediately able to tell that I was faking the shadows). But in all honesty, the project was a lot of fun. And I learned that...well, reference is paramount, haha. What I'll probably do is go back and redo the hand over the summer, cause I really do like this idea.