Saturday, December 15, 2012

ANI113A- Artwork Dump!

What a crazy semester!

Since ANI113A is done for me, I want to make a cumulative post on almost all of the work I've done for the class (except the color comps...there are too many of them for me to scan right now). It'll be a good way for me to see all my successes and failures together, as well as the progress I've made.

Wow. This was my very first painting for the class. As Inga said, shapes first before tone. Which is what I wasn't doing over here...

Here are most of my black and white object studies, including the ones selected for my portfolio. The only one here that is missing is the painted version of the egg. I may scan that one in later, but it isn't really that impressive. And wow, those ellipses on the pencil mug...yikes!

These are the black and white drapery studies, including the ones selected for my portfolio. The diaper drapery was a bit of a flop since I limited myself to using one pencil (a 7B), which was a big mistake. The wrap-around drapery...actually looks not bad as a thumbnail. I still think the best draperies I did were the first two (the portfolio ones)/

Ah, the still life rendering. This was perhaps the most monumental artwork I've ever done. There isn't much for me to say about it, other than that I'm very happy with the result.


Psychedelic draperies. These were supposed to look like white cloth. Someone clearly wasn't following directions.

These were the last in-class paintings we did. Inga was very happy with how the one with the eggplant came out. It was a big jump from what I did the week (and weeks) before in color.

And finally, this:

There are still tweaks I need to make, but overall I'm very satisfied on how this came out. Funny how the black and white version took a month, while this only took me five days to do. I guess that's how mileage works: spend 50 hours learning how to do it in 10.

Anyhow, that's all folks! Hope you enjoy this cumulative post! It was a great semester, one that started with uncertainty and ended with a passed portfolio review. Big thanks to Inga and John for being awesome teachers, and to my friends for crits and moral support.

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