Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Sketchbook Painting #1

Winter is here, so let the games begin!

This is a wooden puzzle dolphin souvenir that my dad got me many years ago. Strangely enough (but awesome for me), my dad and my grandparents has accumulated many interesting souvenir specimens over the years that they have bequeathed to my brother and I. I think many of them will make pretty cool still life studies.

I used a fairly limited palette here; prepped the page with raw umber and used burnt sienna/umber, yellow light hanza, cobalt blue, and white.

I am probably going to do the same plan that my roommate +Clayton Chan (check out his own art blog here) is going to do over the break, which is one still life painting a day. For now I will only upload those still lifes; the other drawings in my winter sketchbook will have a cumulative set of posts towards the end of the break. But expect this blog to get busier from here on out.

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